For over a century, this building has been a cornerstone of Sandpoint's culture and economy. Home to a wide variety of businesses over the decades, what has now become the newly-renovated Belwood 301 has long been hailed as one of the best commercial spaces in the area. With amazing restaurants and cutting-edge businesses now residing within its historic walls, Belwood 301 remains an exciting focal point of the community.


  • 1907 Williams Mercantile obtains title for land
  • 1909 Original building goes up as a dry goods & grocery store
  • 1910 St James Hotel and Williams Mercantile open in the bottom floor
  • 1916 Golden Rule Clothing & Furniture opens below the hotel
  • 1923 Stebbins & Nesbitt House of Furniture opens
  • 1930 Fleming Cigar Store & Pool Hall opens on NE corner
  • 1934 Ownership switches to Thoreson
  • 1935 Furniture Exchange opens on the lower level
  • 1936 Building purchased by Holz & Pennington, remodelled upstairs into 7 apartments, cigar store becomes Savon Grocery
  • 1959 Pennington bought out by Holz
  • 1965 Pennington retires, Al Jeffries purchases building and businesses
  • 1975 Jeffries sells building to Ernie Belwood
  • 2011 Belwood sells building to Steve and Julie Meyer


The renovation of this Sandpoint landmark combines the best of the old with the new, from the old mural on the west side of the building to high ceilings, exposed brick and beams, recycled scrap metal with modern finishes, handcrafted details and, of course, all the technology needed to run your business.


From cigars to furniture, and a pool hall to apartments, the Belwood building has been home to many businesses in its 100-plus year history. Its renovation as a contemporary, multi-use workspace lovingly preserved the building’s character from the quirky motor company mural on an exterior wall to repurposed glass blocks and wood flooring throughout. And the sustainable design process ensures this iconic landmark will endure for future generations.


Belwood 301 is managed by Sandpoint Property Management ... conveniently headquartered just across the street.

The largest property management company in Bonner County, Sandpoint Property Management has been in operation since 1993, providing property management and consulting services for both residential and commercial rental and investment property. Want to see more or meet the folks that power SPM? Click to SPM About page.

Please direct all queries about available leasing spots in Belwood 301 to Sandpoint Property Management by phone at 208.263.9233, or via the form on our Leasing page.